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Evidently the 1 litre iSi Gourmet Plus Whip Cream Whipper has a minimum fill line at .5 litre so you can't do small quantities, but this thread: on infusing alcohol says "The amount of liquid in the whipper and the number of N2O chargers you use also makes a difference. Our standard batch was 120 mls of liquor in a one-liter whipper using one N2O cartridge."
The cost difference between the two is minimal, but I don't want to get the one litre and find I'm spending a lot of money on cartridges and ingredients because I have to make more than I want.

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Doug, I haven't run into the specific minimum fill before but you do have to use more liquid in the larger one, just because there's a lot more volume to fill to get a good foam. The two size are hard, the 1 pint was a little small for "dishes" though nice for alcohols and and infusions while the quart siphon was better for "dishes" or carbonating larger amount of food. It really comes down to what you think you'll use most.

For the times when you want to use smaller quantities than the minimum fill, could you just use a second cartridge??
Adding a second cartridge can help, but sometimes you still run into issues. This is especially true if you're doing a thick foam, it can spread out too much in the siphon to actually come out efficiently compared to the amount of gas. Some recipes will work fine, others could have a few issues.

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