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So I read the article about measuring ingredients by percentage. ie 0.6% soy lecithin means putting 0.6 grams in 100grams water. But what if I have multiple moderist ingredients? I want to add xanthin gum and soy lecithin, but do I need to account for the added weight of the other ingredients? so after putting in the soy lecithin, do I use 100.6g for the calculation for the amount of xanthin gum, or still just 100g since that is still the weight of the water? I'm trying to make my own recipie, so I'm trying to be as exact as I can. Thanks!

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In general, I picture the measurements referring to the liquid content, so I generally base it of of that. But honestly, the amounts are so small that doing 100g vs 100.6g will be .6 grams vs .6036 grams. Unless you are using industrial machinery your margin of error in measuring will probably be more than 0.01 grams anyway...most scales don't go below 0.1 anyway. So you probably don't need to worry about it.

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