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Hello,I lime to know opinion do these who use this vacuum sealer,before I decide to spend 500$ on it,how does it perform,is it worth the money?

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I've had mine for only a week now, but it appears to be a great product. If I had the money, I would rather have bought a professional-grade chamber sealer, but it's definitely doing everything I expected. I was a bit hesitant to buy as I read that several people experienced cracked lids. But then I heard that they started to make their lids in a different way and that people haven't experienced problems since.
That is good,now on a different note,now I'm debating either getting the vacuum and just regular immersion circulator,or getting whatever sealer,and buying professional circulator like Anova Pro,my thinking is sins you can cook food sealed even in Ziploc bags,but you need good circulator to move say 10 gallons of water,any opinion?
I'd suggest going with the Anova circulator over a high-end chamber vacuum sealer. The quality circulator would definitely make more of a difference in your final results than the vacuum sealer.
I bought an out of box VacMaster VP215 at my East Bay Restaurant Supply in Oakland CA for $649. They had 3 units that the boxes got wet. It works great and I would recommend spending the little bit more for the oil pump. Also bought a Sansair on eBay for $140. All works great. We use Sous Vide 2 or 3 days a week and I vacuum seal everything for the freezer now.

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