What modernist equipment do I need?

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I want to start out trying some stuff but I don't know how much or what kind of equipment I need to get

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A lot of it depends on what type of modernist cooking you want to try. Simple foams and gels don't really need specialized equipment of any kind. Using more hi-tech things like liquid nitrogen or a rotary evaporator need special equipment. Here is our guide to the required modernist equipment. It is a good place to start.
I have the Modernist Cuisine @Home book and I would say you need a sous vide cooking set-up and a pressure cooker.
If you can afford about $60 you might consider buying the Molecular Gastronomy kit by Cuisine R-Evolution. That's what I did. There are enough ingredients and tools in there to give you a really good start at modernist cooking. The CD helps but it wasn't as easy for me as they show. Getting better though.

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