Ziploc bags: what's too long or too hot?

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Read through all of the non-recipe content in MC made easy, but only saw the reference between going with Ziploc vs. vacuum sealer as being for higher temperatures or longer cooking times the vacuum sealer was preferred.

What's the breakpoint between the Ziploc and vacuum sealer? Only getting my feet wet currently so haven't acquired a sealer yet, and would be handy to know what not to attempt.

Many thanks!

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I use ziploc for just about everything short of vegetables at 180+. I have used them at that high of a temperature but I tend to use my sealer then, as I don't really like how the ziploc bags get soft.

For most cooks, especially longer ones, I tend to make sure the edges of the bag are out of the water to help prevent any leakage and that almost always works great.

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