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They look awesome and exactly what I need for a plate I am trying.
But - I am not getting bubbles. In my application I need salt water, not sugar. Is the sugar key to this?
Does the solution HAVE to sit to set? my bubbles pop milliseconds after they are formed. Bought your book, but it provides no additional hints.
I am using versawhip 600K.

I tried whipping it to almost eggwhite texture, but ended up adding another 2 grams of versa to get anything close to peaking, and then put the tube in there. No go - too stiff. I finally ended up pouring in a wide shallow container and moving the tube around the solution got some better bubbles, but NOTHING like your photo.

Any ideas?

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Hi John-Marc, I'll see if I can help you out. I don't think the sugar makes much of a difference, and the salt shouldn't inhibit the bubbles as far as I know.

When I blended the versawhip and grape juice I didn't whip it, just a quick blend to evenly distribute it, same with the xanthan gum. Once I put in the pump I had to let it run for a little bit, maybe 5 to 10 minutes before the bubbles started to get nice and big. I did let the solution sit before using it, but I don't think it's critical either.

I'm not sure if those tips help much or not, it went surprisingly well when I made it.

What ratio were you using and what was in your liquid?

Thanks and happy cooking.
I followed your recipe exactly except I used plain salted water.
Although, I did cut it down to 100g and another at 200g of liquid.
I did not wait 5 minutes bubbling. Will try that.
I will try letting the liquid sit, just in case that makes it 'set' better than fresh out of the dispertion.

Whipping - I only did that AFTER failure, because I know that is the normal way to use versa-WHIP. But yes, I just combined them as you specified to start.

Will report.

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