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Sorry, but I do not understand the Cosmo Sphere recipe. Alcohol does not freeze!!
I want to make Cognac spheres to add to champagn to make French 75. I thought to add a whiff of Limoncello also. Can I use a basic Reverse technique, by adding calcium to the mix, then thicken it a bit with Xatham ?
Also, can I assume that your Asian Sauce recipe can be adapted to a Reverse
process? This way it can be prepped ahead of time, and stored.

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For the Cosmo Spheres, the alcohol is mixed with the pomegranate and lime juice which helps to dilute it enough to still freeze. It was more of a semi-hard slush than an ice ball but if I was careful with it I had no problems getting it into the setting base.

Pure cognac spheres would probably run into trouble without a blast chiller of some kind. You might have to use direct sperification on those or like you said, basic reverse spherification without freezing them.

The Asian sauce spheres should work fine with reverse spherification, just use the normal ratios and they should come out just fine.

Hope that helps! Thanks and happy cooking.
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