Cook and freeze or freeze and cook?

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Our local Sprouts had a sale on Baby Back Ribs and St. Louis Style ribs and ,true to my New England Yankee Heritage, I over bought and have 2 slabs refrigerated in the original heavy plastic wrap. Which is the better way to freeze them: Souus Vide first, thaw and finish on the grill or freeze as is, thaw and start from scratch?
Thank you, and aside to Jason , "How about Geno's girls. Another Title in 2017 ?"?
Tim Culhane

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As an overall... DO NOT sous-vide in the vac-pack the ribs came in. 1) can't season 2) can't remove that membrane 3) don't know what the plastic is or if there are absorbent pads.

Freezing as is, then thaw should overall be fine as would sous vide (in new packing as well as seasoned) would work too.

One "low stress method" of BBQing is: creating excellent smoke and very moist ribs.

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