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Hi folks

I'm sorry that this is a bit off-topic, I've tried searching through previous threads to see if it's been answered but can't find anything. Basically I've been trying to use my summer to get better at cooking and experiment with lots of new recipes, and I want to set up a cooking blog or website to get all my photos and recipes together. I know Wordpress is popular but it looks kinda complicated, so wondering about using something like 1and1 (link there for reference) as it seems to do most of the hard work for you. But I've really got no idea what I'm doing and could really do with some pointers please!

Thanks so much in advance!


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There is a reason that Wordpress is so popular. Installing, configuring, and skinning WP is far superior (IMO) to doing a full-on web page. I do web work for a living. I run Wordpress now, because it is so simple.

Here is a really good resource to make it easy:

Then, I use an "Elegant Theme" --

I've used WP with Elegant themes for years. It is easy. There IS a learning curve, but in the long run, you will have far more customization options, with about the same amount of time spent learning.
Yeah, I agree with Rifter. Even though Wordpress might have an initial learning curve it should save you tons of time in the long run. I run MCME off a custom site, not Wordpress, but that's mainly because WP didn't do everything I needed when I started 8 years ago (and since I'm a developer maintaining a custom site isn't hard for me). If I was starting one now I'd definitely lean towards WP if I didn't build another from scratch.
I am professional chef, for 10 years and work for one of the best catering companies in the UK, Kudos Delivered; i promise you its not as easy or simple as all the sources make out, it takes alot of practice to get good at this sort of thing, BUT your freind in the last post has a really good link that will guide you. if that doestn work go to Foodtube (not youtube) and enter whatever you are trying to knock up there and you will get some great tips. infact i let you into a secret. . . us chefs all go to these sites occasionally to brush up on certain dishes. . . Good Luck

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