Flank Steak

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It warmed up here in western Kentucky a few days ago so I decided to fire up the charcoal grill. I had heard that flank steak was getting more popular so I decided to grill one. The wife and I like our steaks on the rare side of medium rare. The inside of the steak looked just like we wanted it to but it was so tough it was hard to eat. I decided not to give up on flank steaks so I went to the store and got another one. This time I marinated it for 24 hours in a mixture of tequila, limon juice, lime juice, chopped red onion and a few more spices. I then put it a sous vide pouch and heated my circulator water to 129 degrees. I put the in and left it for 48 hours. It was cooked just right and man was it tender and the flavor was great. I have a BBQ grill for sale.

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