Fluid Gels - Why not Xanthan Gum?

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Hi, I've bought this book just this afternoon and I am reading on the topic of fluid gels. However in regards to hot fluid gels, I'm wondering why isn't xanthan gum listed as one of the gelling agents for fluid gels, instead agar powder is the only ingredient for hot gels? Beginner modenist chef btw :)

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Hi Jeremey, that's a good question. While xanthan gum can make thick, hot sauces I don't believe they are truly fluid gels. Xanthan gum also begins to get a strange mouth-feel (really feels like snot) so you usually don't want to use enough to get it that thick, where agar works well at higher quantities.

There are many other ingredients you can use to make fluid gels though. Gelatin, carrageenan, and egg yolk are all good in cold fluid gels and gellan, agar (sometimes with some xanthan gum) and egg yolk can all make hot gels.

I hope that helps clarify some. Thanks and happy cooking!
Thanks for the reply Jason.

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