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I tried to hard boil eggs with my circulater as per the instructions in my sous vide book. I did them at 148 degrees for one hour. When I opened them they were very soft and runney. More like soft boiled eggs. I then tried more eggs at 158 degrees for 2 hours. They were still soft and runney. Al I managed to do was ruin a bunch of eggs.

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Well, the instructions you followed were certainly not for a hard boiled egg. Not sure why you need a circulator for hard boiled eggs. Anyway, this link might give you a better idea of the results to expect when cooking at different temperatures:

On pages 74 and page 182 of the book "Beginning Sous Vide" instructions for cooking eggs is detailed. Both pages give instructions for hard boilsed eggs which is what I followed. I just wanted to see how hard boiled eggs would come out when cooking in the circulater.
A 148F egg is much closer to a poached or 'soft boiled' consistency.

A hard cooked egg happens at more like 165-170F

Try 165 for an hour and for two hours and see what you like

but... if what you like is that rock solid yoke of the typical hard cooked egg, you are much better off doing it in a pot in only 15 mins or so

what sous vide does well is maintain a creamy yoke... but that has to be what you WANT
Sorry your eggs didn't turn out the way you wanted them. Serious Eats has a good article with images of the various stages of eggs.

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