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I recently received a kit with "Modernist Cooking Made Easy" and many of the specialty ingredients, a syringe, slotted spoon, etc. I tried making the balsamic vinegar pearls - and the hot vinegar/agar solution just runs through the syringe. Should it have thickened? Could I be missing a portion of the syringe that would have restricted the flow? or ?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Hi Dave, sorry you're having a problem with the syringe. It sounds to me like there's something wrong with it. The agar solution should be watery (as long as it's hot) so that part is correct. My syringe holds regular water in it without dripping at all so if yours doesn't there's probably something up with it. I'd contact the people you bought the kit from, I'm sure they'll be happy to replace it.

Thanks a lot and happy cooking!
Thanks. Must be the syringe. The hot liquid runs out in a steady stream

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