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I have tried this recipe--

... as well as the one in your book with the pineapple juice to make a foam mirangue THREE times and each time the piped foam mound collapses and even sticks to the silicone mat! Any idea why this is happening? I have even tried the beetroot recipe found on another site with the same result. Help please!

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Hi AJoyp, I'm sorry to hear the recipe isn't working for you. Once you pipe out the foam, what do you do before it collapses? Is it just sitting for a long time or is something else going on? Let me know and I'll see if I can help get to the bottom of it.


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Dear AJoyp,

I think that your problem is pineapple. Pineapple has a enzyme called bromelain which breaks down proteins. which is why you also have difficulty in make pineapple jelly because the bromelain breaks they gelatin down.

hestons solution is to mildly heat the pineapple juice with a small amount of chilli . if you do a YouTube for Heston and pineapple jelly you should find it good luck

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