My tea meringue melts in the deyhdrator

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What am I doing wrong? I worked out the first time it melted that the deydrator was probably set too high, so I went down to the lowest temperature, which is 30C, but that meringue also melted. I love the idea of making tea meringues.

I didn't have methocel F50, I used Celluzoon which seems to be similar. I got a glorious foam, and I think I want to try this on my coconut foam while fails miserably with lechithin. But I couldn't get the meringues right. Any ideas?

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Hi Janet, I wish I could give you some better advice but my last 2 meringues also melted! I'm hoping to do some research after the holidays and get it all figured out. I'll let you know once I do, sorry I couldn't be of more help right now, hopefully someone else can share some insights!

Thanks and happy cooking.
Thanks Jason. The recipe at uses quite a lot more than 1% methylcellulose. I do not yet understand the workings of these ingredients as I only got your book last week. Could that be it? Or a clue at least? And I live in a very wet climate, not a dry one. Looking at the recommendation for xanthan gum for climate.

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