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I have two of your books, and have a question. With the price of meat going up, there is more and more select grade steaks being offered, is there a way to sous vide them to a tender stage, most recipes available are for choice of prime, and some of us on a fixed retirement need to be frugal. I have a Anova One, and would appreciate any help I can get, I have plenty of time to test some methods. Thanking you in advance...Bob from, Nashville, TN

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Hi Bob, thanks for writing in. In general, you can just up the cooking time by maybe 15% to 30% and it would make it more tender. You could also look at purchasing choice or prime of less expensive cuts, I love chuck roast cooked for 36-48 hours (turns out like ribeye) and it's pretty inexpensive. Same with some sirloin cuts.

I hope that'll give you a few options to save some money, let me know how it turns out!

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