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I have read Jason's thoughts on this and I am puzzled. The accepted method seems to be to cook the higher temp more cooked meat first, then leave it in the bath and lower the temperature (with ice) and then cook the lower temp less cooked meat. Would it not be quicker (and better) to cook/tenderise both at the lower temp, remove the rarer piece and store to keep warm, then simply bring the less rare meat up to the desired temperature? It has to be quicker to bring a piece of meat from 56 deg c to 60 deg c than bringing it from fridge to 55 deg c.

If there is also tenderisation time involved the savings would be even greater. Also, no meat gets cooked for a longer time (which may affect the texture)

Thanks for any help.


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And no ice needed

That's definitely a valid way to go. I think the only "issue" is that the first steak has been cooling off for 15 to 45 minutes while the other has been getting up to the higher temperature.

I generally just cook both at the lower temperature and sear the other one for longer to raise it's temperature. It gets some of a bullseye effect then, but no one has complained.
Thank you Jason.
I was assuming that my rare piece was kept well warmed by insulation or controlled heat source.
HAH! So the more cooked piece gets more searing, with the idea of more searing and a better crust! How dare I reward an overcooked steak! :D No wonder thee are o complaints. :D
I will try both ways. Thank you.

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