What do you make a whipped foam with?

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Whipped foams have always been one of my favorite things when it comes to food. I’ve always wanted to try something more than just the classic whipped cream though. I am looking to try and make some flavored whipped foam, but I’m not sure I have what I need for it. What do you make whipped foam with? Is there any specific tool or equipment that I need to buy to get started making these?

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It’s no wonder that whipped foams are popular with many people. There is something about the dense yet light foam that makes this a favorite of many. While this may look like a challenge to make, whipped foams are relatively easy to come up with and can be made with a variety of tools/equipment.

If you have a stand mixer with a whisk attachment then you can easily make whipped foam. If you don’t have a stand mixer, an electric hand held one may work too as long as the foam you’re trying to make is not too dense. A regular hand whisk may also work in some cases.

A whipping siphon can also be used to make whipped foams. This handy little tool is a pressurized container that can hold liquid of different types and flavors and let out foams. A whipping siphon costs about $100 or a bit more, but is a good investment if you will be making a lot of foams since it will also let you store the liquid for future use. Also, investing in a whipping siphon will let you do more than make foams. It can be used for carbonating and infusing too.

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