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So I have been trying to make a glass like texture and it has not been working. The only thing I have seen that is similar uses potato starch. Is that the only ingredient that will give me that texture? I recently got my chef to buy low and high acyl gellan gum, will this work to produce the effect I want. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks

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I don't have any experience with doing glass myself but I know Modernist Cuisine has a "pineapple glass" that uses pineapple juice plus 2.5% fructose, .7% malic acid and 13% Pure-Cote B790 that they spread on acetate and let dry for 12 to 15 hours.

They also talk about combing fruit juice with 2% glucose, 10% isomalt and 18% icing sugar and dehyrdrating it for 36 hours, or just 13% Pure-Cote dehydrated for 15-18 hours at 140F.

I hope that helps out some.

Thanks and happy cooking!

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