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i would like to know if you guys can help me with some advices in order to get this gelatine. This is a dish served at Noma, as you can see in the picture you see this green gelatine, as far as i know it was made of coriander or parsley.

what i know about this gelatine is you need 1 part of purée ( 100 grams), 1 part of agar (1 gram) and 1 gelatine sheets. As we know we need to dissolve the agar on a liquid, but...can we dissolve it straight on the purée in order to keep the deep color ?

i would like to try it with beetroot or carrot pure, any advice are more than welcome

kind regards

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Yeah, you should be able to dissolve it directly in the puree, you might have to add some water until it's a good consistency, depending on the liquidity of the vegetable. Things like carrots, beets, and parsley can really hold up their color even if you add a decent amount of water.

I hope this helps some. Thanks and happy cooking!

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