How to solve tadpole-shaped caviar drops?

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I am a newbee trying to make grape juice caviar using the recipe from the Modern Pantry spherification kit. I am using a syringe, not a multi-drop caviar device. The drops emerge from the syringe as tadpole shapes and never as round drops. Sometimes as spaghetti strings. I think the problem may be in the viscosity, which may be too high. I rested the mixture in the fridge for a whole day to allow the air bubbles to escape before trying to make the caviar. I have tried several times, and am using a precision scale for all ingredients. Any suggestions to solve this persistent failure?

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If you are getting spaghetti strings you are putting too much liquid in each squeeze. This may be why you are getting tadpoles. Have you tried immersing the tip in the liquid before forming the drop. You may want to try reverse spherification?

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