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Tried Croisant foam. Did not work. No mention of weight of the six croisants. Was so thick gas did not penetrate.
Tried cheeze foam, again gas did not penetrate.
Used geleten for both.
Got semi-solid liquid . Gas escaped by itself, despite shaking and refrigerating pre-use.

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Hi John, I'm sorry you here some things haven't been working. If you share what the recipes were or where you got them from maybe we can help you troubleshoot them some.

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Both recipes came from
Also, how long is shelf life of a reverse sphere? Refrigerated?
John, I haven't cooked those recipes of theirs before but I can reach out to them and see if they have any input.

I've found you can store a reverse sphere for several hours without a problem and refrigerated for at least a day or two, as long as it's stored in the liquid that is inside the sphere. The spheres can leak flavor so you don't want to store them in water for more than a few hours.
Jason, Thank you. Great advise storing spheres.
One "trick" I found on the Internet was that once the fluid is put into the charger, turn it upside down and then add the NO. This would in theory force the gas to penetrate the liquid even if it was somewhat thick (needed for a more textured foam). Your thoughts?

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