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Can you sous vide ribs, pork, or lamb that is in the refrigerator cases in markets already vacuumed-packed, or do they need repackaging?

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Good question Karen. Here are a few other threads with people talking about it: Sous Viding Packaged Chicken, Cooking meat sous vide in original Cryovac packaging?, and Supermarket Sous Vide Packaging.
I have tried both, using vacuum packed frozen meats from a good farm.

Answer: you will get MUCH better results if you thaw, unpack, dry well with paper towels, and then rub the meat surface with a little neutral oil or good olive oil before sealing in a new SV bag.

The other way works, but the flavor tends to be a little muddy, with a sort of "not-so-great pot roast" flavor. The clean steak flavor is affected adversely.

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