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Just doing a little brain storming in my own head and wondering if any one has set up a system to keep the water topped off in the sous vide cooker.

I'm using a Presto deep fryer driven by a control box I built with an Auber PID controller. No mods to the fryer, just plug it in to the controller and set its thermostat a little higher than my cooking temp.
But I do have to check the water quite often, making sure it's up to full before retiring for the night.
I would think an I.V. type setup with the tip of the tubing in the water bath, when the level drops it could drain into the bath until back up to the end of the tube. I wonder if any one else is this lazy?


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I use an immersion heater I built myself (from Make's instructions) on whatever water tank will fit my project. I try to use water coolers whenever possible because I imagine they save me power.
Anyway, I usually cover the whole thing with cling wrap, I still need to check water level, but much less often.
I recall reading someone used a layer of ping pong balls, which offered insulation and allowed the water to condense on them. Also easier to get into the bath to pull out/check pouches than with cling film.
Thanks for the different ideas, I remember reading about the ping pong balls. Then I thought about needing different sizes to fill in completely. well I don't want to dig out my old physics book to find that experiment.
Also my deep fryer is working well but is getting to be cramped and small so I am thinking of a new heater.
I have a block heater for a car, 1000 watts. Ordered a pump for circulating the water through the block heater and back into the cooking chamber. Probably will use a cooler for that version.
But back to the evaporation problem, I think I'll use the blue insulation cut into two or three blocks that cover the water surface to cut down the exposed area.


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