EBay Immersion Circulators for Sous Vide

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Has anyone tried one of these (ones from. Germany)?


Seem like they are knocked together by a small company but at the price (go at about £120) seem like they would be worth a punt and save hours of hair pulling trying to make one myself.

Or, buy the bits and indulge in DIY electronics, not that my soldering is very good?

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I haven't heard anything about these but at that price it might not hurt to try it out. How's the company's rating on eBay? If it's good it would probably be worth a shot.
Did find a mention of one on egullet, the chap who bought it seemed quite pleased. I did think about an aquarium controller, immersion heater and circulator. Slightly concerned (probably needlessly) about leaving homebrew running for long periods. Considered making a case etc, but set up costs for equipment prohibative.

Final solutions are :

FMM but sadly cost of shipping plus needing a second SVM if I want to use it alongside current setup make it cost prohibitive.

SVS which would be great on the counter but still a bit dear for me at £350 at a department store, if I was a touch more of a spendthrift think this would be great though.

So this IC seems a good solution as it is also very portable for traveling to the in laws etc, who don't believe boil in the bag is worth investing in. I shall have a go and put something up in the equipment forum.

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