Got scammed purchasing an immersion circulator on Ebay a LFP-SV1000 Immersion Circulator

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Dear all,

a few months ago i purchased on Ebay a LFP-SV2000 Immersion Circulator
for 200 Euro incl shipement.

Which is the same as the one tested however now the 2000W version

It already started with the fact that the device didnot switch on. The floater (which turns the machine off when the liquid is below a certain level) was not working and i had to put a tootpick to hold it up.

Now also moisture (condens) came in the pidcontroller and caused shortage. On email etc they didn't reply and after many many calls finally somebodey called me back and told i had to send it back.

I have send it by registered email, i see it was picked up, however since then no reaction (not on email and phone)

The guy who sold it to me in on ebay is called littlejoint and the company name is . The guy i had contact with is Lajos Horvath []. I have read that more people suffer from the same and got scammed. Please don't buy from these people. Such a shame since in this price category it would have been nice to have a working device. will keep you updated if they react, but don't have much more hope. regards thuiskoker

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I'm sorry to hear that, it's never fun when things on eBay go wrong. I'll add a note to the above article expressing that you've had trouble with them as well. Thanks for sharing, hopefully it'll save someone else the pain of going through it.

I had EXTACTLY SAME experience with them

I bought a 1000W on eBay from same seller and had exactly same symptom on the unit. ( well, they sent me a 2000W as well... so I assume this must be a planned scam )

1. when water level goes below, it's still operating

2. cause current leak randomly (which causes electric shock when I touch water)

3. randomly cause shortage which cuts off circuit breaker.

I contacted the guy and he finally responded me after so many emails and told me to send it back but I couldn't really trust him since he was not really responding my emails so I'm still keeping it without knowing what to do.

Please share your experience if you have any update.

i have contacted the adress on their website.. i found the phonennumber. And this is a post distribution center only. The person was very helpfull, and told me that he had many packages for this company, however they can't reach Lajos either.

I believe we all got scammed..


Likewise sorry to hear that. The unit I received is still ticking on but there were many who had problems and one fellow who took to relisting his defective item repeatedly on ebay with warnings.

The bloke who sold them has dropped of the radar completely, I'm at a loss what to suggest. In future I'll only be buying from a recognised company.
Dear all,

since this case is not going to be solved i am afraid, i decided to search for an affordable alternative, however this time from a respected company.
found this one

i have ordered it, and will post my findings and experiences when i received it.

For those using the LFP-SV1000, please please be careful.
You are having an electrical device, which has no be proven to be bad quality, hanging in water. I don't want to read that somebody electrocuted himself using this rubish machine. I have taken my loss, hope others do also. 200 bucks is not wort electrocuting yourself, or burning off your house.
And mine has packed in as well now. You live and learn I suppose.

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