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As I posted in my reply to "Another potential sous vide tool", I've discovered that my Jenn-Air electric stove is capable of holding temperatures down to 131 degrees with a +/- of less than two degrees when used in conjunction with a large water-filled stockpot and a digital thermometer with a probe. I have cooked a fairly large number of different meats in this manner with complete success; chicken breasts, pork chops, beef steaks, beef roasts, corned beef and a ham.

If I was considering the purchase of a new electric stove, I would definitely limit my choices to those that I could use for Sous Vide cookery. I thought it might be helpful to start a topic so we could identify makes and models with this capability.

My Jenn-Air is Model JES9750AAW. If you have one, consider yourself lucky. I'd guess that this may extend to other Jenn-Air models as well, though I don't know which they may be. An indicator my be the lowest allowable temp setting; my Jenn-Air will allow settings as low as 100 degrees.

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