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Hi All,

I am going to take the plunge and buy a manufactured Sous Vide machine.
Is the SousVide Supreme significantly bigger (or better) than the Demi model?
For example would a 5lb beef chuck joint fit comfortably in the Demi model?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm not sure on the exact dimensions but you could probably email them directly. They are usually very helpful.
Hi Jason,

Do you have experience/recommendations with working with either of these machines that you could provide?
I used the Sous Vide Supreme for a month or two and really enjoyed it. It was a demo unit they let me test drive so I had to give it back but while I had it it worked great. I've heard good things about the demi as well, it really just a smaller version. I think they are a good value for the money.

I also used a Sous Vide Magic controller with a crock pot for about a year and it worked great too. I now use a PolyScience Sous Vide Professional (another demo unit that I got to keep in exchange for some advertising on this site). Both of those also really worked well.

In general, I think the Sous Vide Magic is a great way to cheaply try out sous vide. If the money isn't too big a deal (or you don't have a crock pot or rice cooker already) I would suggest getting the Sous Vide Supreme or the Demi since it heats faster and has a few other "nice to have" things. The Sous Vide Professional is really the best thing I've used but for my needs it's not worth an extra $400-$500 dollars.

Hope that helps some!
I have both machines. I've had the SVS for a year but recently got the offer/coupon code for $100 off a Demi. That's $200! The Demi looks very close to the same size from the outside; on the inside the difference is more pronounced. Still, they're very close. One sweet feature of the Demi is that is that it seems to be lined with Teflon or some other non-stick coating.

I can't tell you what weight of meat will fit offhand but I'm reasonably sure you can get a 5 lb brisket in the Demi but you might have to make 2 pieces. That's a win where time vs temp is concerned.

Good luck! Rest assured you can't make a bad choice- both machines are superbe!
SVS is stainless interior, Demi is anodized aluminium

SVS also has stainless lid instead of Al

here's the whole comparison:
I have the Demi which works very well, but I wish I had the Supreme. The anodized finish on the inside of the Demi scratches easy.
I also have both. So far no problem with scratches on the Demi. The Supreme is significantly larger but a 5 lb roast should fit in either. In operation both are basically the same. I've found the larger unit seems to maintain temp without overshoot a bit better than the Demi due to the higher volume of water but the difference is slight. At temps under 140 both are basically dead on.

I got my Demi for $200 too back when they ran a special promotion. It's worth the full price but a bargain at two bills!

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