Vacuum sealer for home Sous vide: Foodsaver 2860 or Andrew James Pro

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I'm looking to start Sous Vide cooking and saw both these machines on Amazon.

Has anyone who has tried both willing to let me know their thoughts? The AJ looks a great price, but from what I hear the PS has a pulse/manual mode.

What about bags? Anything I should know there?


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Incidentally I should add I am in the UK, and it is Amazon UK that has the products I mentioned.
I haven't heard anything about the Andrew James Pro before but I know FoodSaver usually works well. Either one would probably be just fine for sous vide.

Nothing specific with the bags, as long as they are food-grade they will work fine. Most sous vide temperatures are so low even Ziplocs work great.
Thanks Jason.

I thought that Foodsaver required specific bags (although I could be completely wrong - I'm only going on Amazon reviews!)
Yeah, most of the sealers like these have their own bags. In general they are pretty interchangeable (I think) and I can get the FoodSaver ones at several local stores.
I am the chef owner of a catering company and we use the foodsaver for everything it works great. I can say with confidence that it will work for home use as well
Thanks again guys! I'll probably get the Foodsaver then.
I have a lower end foodsaver (v2244) and it works just fine for me. While it doesn't have a pulse function, you can manually stop the vacuum early and manually seal it. But I could see how the pulse function would make it easier with liquids. Sorry I can only speak to only one of the product brands.

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