What's Your Favorite Immersion Circulator?

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I know they're expensive for a lot of people but I was wondering what you all feel is the best one out there?

I've used the PolyScience Professional and really been impressed but I wanted to hear your thoughts.

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Just got PolyScience. Used it last nite. Beef filet, carrots and broccoli. Undercooked the carrots and overbooked broccoli but very tasty. The beef was perfect but I made the mistake of not patting dry before searing. Tasted great but no crust. Next time I will finish on infra red grill and reduce bag juice with wine and butter.
Have fun with your PolyScience Pro, it's a great piece of equipment!
Steve, I moved your other post to it's own thread here: Sous Vide Cooking Time vs Thickness.

Probably putting this in wrong place. I took your advice on eGullet forum and went to the sous vide index. Anyone interested in food should join. There is more there than SV but the SV section is a must read.

For anyone interested in knives there is a great atricle on sharpening and general knife care. Search Chad Ward, the author. On his recommendation I ordered the Edge Pro sharpening system from edgeproinc.com. Should have it tomorrow. Will report for those interested.


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