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Can I Sous Vide a 9 lb Prime Rib and if so, how long should I cook it and do I need to use 2 pouches?

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I think you'd be able to sous vide that large of a prime rib, though I usually prefer to cook mine cut down to 2-3" thick slabs and put them in separate bags. This helps them cook more evenly because the middle doesn't take as long to come up to temperature.

In general, I like to cook my prime rib for 5 to 10 hours at 131F / 55C.
I'm not sure what Jason meant by 'cook more evenly' but I think the main drawback of cooking such a large joint in a single piece is that in the time it takes for the middle of the joint to come up to required temp 6+hrs, the outer part of the tender rib eye muscle will have been at temp for several hours and you might find it over-cooked (not sure that's the right term) and possibly what people describe as 'mushy'.
I have 9 people so do you recommend i do 9 portions or do you think I can do 2 4 +lb portions and how long should I cook? thank you!
@TonyB, yup, I was referring to "cooking evenly" in the way you did in your description. The inside will cook for a lot shorter time than the outside because of the thickness.

@Cheryl, I think 2 or 3 3-4 pound portions would be just fine. In general, I like sous vide my prime rib for 5 to 10 hours at 131F / 55C.

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