Brined pork safe temperature?

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I had a pork roast in a heavy salt brine for roughly 12 hours.I had it in a sous vide bath @ 155F for around 6 hours and had to transfer to a cooler for 4 hours. In that time the water in the cooler dropped from 145F to 125F. Im guessing it may have been under 130F for 2 hours at most. It was then put back into 155F bath and will stay in there for another 24 hours.

Im wondering others thoughts on if the pork roast will still be safe to eat. And If the brine helped in preventing spoilage and also if the additional 24 hours at 155F will kill any bacteria that could form.

Im am leaning towards it being ok. Ive done pork roasts at 155F for 48 hours before and never got sick, i just never had the temp drop in a danger zone for an hour or two. My guess is the internal temp was probably already past the danger zone but not 100% sure.

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The usual rule is that any food kept between 40 and 140F for more than four hours should be considered unsafe to eat. Sous vide actual-cooking temperatures at 130-140 MAY be the exception to the rule and probably have longer safe periods.

Bacterial growth is exponential over time, so the first hour in the danger zone is much safer than the fourth.

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