Cooking meat in the same vacuum sealed packaging as bought from the store?

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I bought a pack of frozen salmon fillets from my local Costco. Each fillet is already vacuum sealed in plastic. I've just set them out to thaw in my fridge overnight.

I'm wondering if it's ok for me to just cook the fish in same plastic that it came in. It seems convenient just to cook them as-is as they are already vacuum sealed, but are there any safety concerns?

Thanks in advance!

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People seem split on whether or not it is OK to cook in already sealed packages. Most of the manufacturers say not too, mainly because it's not tested and they don't want to be liable in anyway. It would really depend on the packaging and your views on cooking plastic. I normally repackage them but I know some people just use the store packaging.
I've wondered this same thing. I've emailed a couple companies that vacuum bag their meats but have not gotten any replies. Maybe because the marketing person answering the emails doesn't have a clue on the type of plastic being used for bagging.

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