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New to the Forum and have a question about freezing sous vide meat.

I'm interested in sous vide cooking some de-boned capon, rolled (roulade), then searing the roulade before I slice it. But because this is for a large dinner party and I don't want to make guests wait forever, I'd like to sous vide ahead of time, freeze the cooked meat, then defrost it a day before the dinner, and sear it just before slicing and serving.

Is freezing the meat like this going to ruin it? I'm sure that it will change it a little, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with freezing sous vide meat and could offer more specific advice?

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I think freezing the meat would work just fine. I know cooking it and refrigerating it works great (I do that often). Make sure you chill the meat in a 1/2 ice - 1/2 water bath so it cool off quickly to reduce any chance of bacteria growth.
Texture-wise, I've not been able to notice much of a difference when freezing. I'm assured by others that there is some, so I guess it's minimal. If you are going to leave it intact to chill, be aware that will be a fair old time in the ice bath. Hope it goes well.
Take meat out of the freezer and put it back in the water oven set for the same temparture that you cooked it at, wait 45 mins and then sear and slice.

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