How can I reheat without overcooking after sous viding?

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I cook my salmon sous vide at 122 F.

I refrigerate it.

When I want to serve it I take it from the fridge and let it sit until room temperature.

How can I cook it to service temperature 160 F without overcooking it ?

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Do you mean just searing the outside of it? Using a hot cast iron pan or a torch can work well for searing sous vide salmon.
If I cook salmon and put it to the refrigerator. When I take it out what do I do with it to eat it hor outside and warm inside without overcooking it ?
If you want the inside of the salmon to be 160 F when served, why cook it to 122 F? If you then proceed to cook it to 160 F then yes it will be overcooked compared to 122F.

If you want the outside hot, a quick pan sear will do it and heat the inside to an acceptable temp.

I wouldn't do salmon that way, frankly. 122 isn't hot enough to pasteurize, and certainly you couldn't cook it long enough to do so without ruining the texture. You're better off vac sealing the portions to aid shelf life and cooking them as you need them.

Also, I wouldn't cook salmon to 160- that's quite overcooked.
You would want to be sure you used sushi-quality salmon if you're cooking at 122, you're not trying to pasteurize it, only bring it to temperature.

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