How can i Sous Vide passata/tomato sauces???

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Hi Guys , firstly i must apologies if my question/s sound basic but i am just starting out on my Sous Vide journey and am finding the right info difficult to pin down. Im farming tomatoes and wish to produce a passata sauce and to gain longer shelf life rather than bottling in glass i would like try to use the Sois vide system and if successful move on to other pasta sauces.

After reducing the tomato sauce(passata)down will i wait for the mixture to go cold before vacuum the sauce ?

I was thinking of heating to 80'C for 30 minutes would that be ok to pasteurised ?

What shelf life would i get with this product , from my research i was thinking 2months in the fridge and 1 year froozen is that about correct?

Thanks Darryl

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Tomatoes are naturally low in PH, (Acid) so you already have a food that is less likely to support growth of pathogens. Pull a vacuum and you now have also stopped the growth of aerobic bacteria. The down side of the vacuum is that we have now created an anaerobic environment so anaerobic bacteria might be able to grow. Have to think you are going to use a chamber vacuum machine for packaging, some of these are designed to package hot foods. Like the cook-chill method, not SV, you will place the 180F. degree sauce into the bags and then draw the vacuum. The bags should be rapidly chilled in an ice bath until they are at or below 40 F. degrees. You can now store the bags at or below 36 F. degrees for two weeks or freeze for one year.
Hope that helps!
Chef John

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