Marinated chichen wings cooked with sous vide

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I am going to make marinated chicken wings using Mojo criollo marinade. My question is, how long and at what temperature F.? I have looked through recipes, but can't seem to find chicken wings. thank you- Ray

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I'd do the sous vide chicken wings at 148F for 2 to 5 hours. Dry them off, then grill or broil them to get marks and/or carmerlization.
Jason thank you very much. Ray
That sounds about right. I will comment that 140 F is good for white meat but dark meat tastes a bit "metallic" and raw at that temp. 148 is fine for the dark meat.
Great information Rob. thank you - Ray
Ray, how did your wings turn out? I have just our on some wings at 148 and plan on doing them for 3.5 hours, they are 5.5 inches in circumference so I'm hoping that is the correct time. After that, I will dry them and fry them in some oil to crisp the skin.
Elsie - The wings came out great at 148 . I patted them down with a paper towel and put them under the broiler for a few minutes untill crispy.
Good luck.

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