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Hi all,

I just noticed a new book on the Sous Vide Supreme website for Sous Vide Cocktails

I'm looking forward to experimenting with cocktails this weekend.

Anyone have any experiences to share about cocktails sous vide style? Worth the effort?


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I got the book when it came out and have read through it. I haven't tried any of the recipes but it sounds interesting. Basically it allows you to speed up the normal infusion process (like limoncello, etc) from months to hours. There's about 10-15 sous vide recipes and another 15 recipes using the infused liquors.
Hmm..the idea of making limoncello sounds great if it's a relatively foolproof process, but if it's essentially 'grab a bottle of vodka and some stuff you want to infuse' I could invest the value in a bottle or two of spirits and experiment!

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