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Help. I just used my new SVS demi and cooked an approximately 3/4 to1" sirloin steak for 2 hrs. at 133 F. It came out medium (barely). It was tender and juicy, but not medium rare. I have manually cooked sous vide filet mignon and sirloin at about 132 to 138 F and they came out perfectly pink all the way through. Consistently. That is what sold me on sou vide. So I splurged on SVS demi expecting the same results without the continuous monitoring. Disappointing. Does anyone have any suggestions on what happened? Thanks.

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meaning, it came out grey or brown, and not pink?

my only thought is to check the water temp.

my SVS definitely is inaccurate in terms of its temp readout and target.
I check the water with a Thermopen and adjust accordingly... but in most in most ranges where I use it, it runs 4-5 degree F hotter than it says it is.

If you're cooking at 140+ instead of 133, you might well see it as "medium"
Thanks for answering. Yes, it did occur to me to verify the set temp. with separate thermometer. In fact, I had intended to do when the demi arrived before I cooked anything. But, I got overanxious and forgot. So, thanks for the suggestion. And the steak was just a little pink in the very center. Thanks again weedy.

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