Pasteurisation times: total immersion time or hold time?

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I am just wondering if the pasteurisation times given n tables and info are the total immersion time from cold, or the time for which the food must be held at temperature after it's reached. I have just never seen it specifically stated.

I have not worried about pasteurisation so far, but I am going to start a guy off with sous vide and he has a pregnant wife.

Thanks for any input.


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My pasteurization starts when you put the food in the water:
OK. Thanks. I just reviewed your book.

"This is the amount of time it will take a piece of chicken that is 5°C / 41°F to become pasteurized in a 66°C / 150.8°F waterbath."

Thank you Jason. And sorry.

The one thing a person cannot deal with at a sous vide rate is all the sous vide info! :)


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