Polyscience recipe temps high?

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I'm a newbie to SV and as I've been researching cooking temps and times I noticed that the Polyscience recipe temps tend to be higher than those in the books. Any ideas why, or are the book recipes too low?

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I haven't looked at a lot of Polyscience's recommended temps for a while, but I did notice a while ago that they suggest 137F for beef tenderloin instead of the 130F or 132F that some people recommend. Ultimately I think it comes down to having to make a choice about what your customers are going to be happy with. While it's easy to see a difference when you cook eggs at various temperatures, it's not so easy to pick a single optimal temperature for meats. Fish is another area in which personal preference plays a huge role in deciding the proper temperature... Some people love salmon at 114F but other prefer theirs around 135F because they prefer a more firm texture... So, figure out what you like.... and be sure to figure out what your family/guests like, and that's the right temperature.
I agree with Dean, there is no single 'right' temperature for cooking most protein, its often a trade off between texture and taste, you just have to try a few temperatures/times and see which you prefer.

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