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I've come across a new book called Simply Sous Vide (author's website: One of the interesting ideas is that the author cooks the recipes within actual dishware or containers, and then vacuum seals the whole thing and cooks it sous vide. Seems like it would be good for making casseroles or perhaps lasagna.

Amazon has parts of the book available for preview.

The idea makes sense as it seems like an extension to regular sous vide cooking.

I haven't read this book myself, but would like to get some opinions before buying. What do you guys think of this approach? Has anyone done this before?


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I'd never heard of it before but I know some people do sous vide in other containers so the concept is at least sound. I'll probably pick up a copy and review it to see how the recipes are. Sounds like an interesting book if you're already real familiar with sous vide. I'd still recommend Beginning Sous Vide for people starting out or that want recipes, but I'm obviously a little biased!
Well, I got my copy in the mail today. I still need to go through it more but in general I'm very disappointed in it.

The "patent pending" idea is just cooking in a bowl, which I've seen multiple other places. The writing is pretty bad and the science is pretty poor (fresh fish should be placed in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes to kill any parasites??? -- I believe this is really days or at least hours according to the FDA).

They also suggest some odd things like "searing meats such as best done before cooking in the water bath".

I'll probably be doing a full review but at first look I wouldn't recommend the book what-so-ever. I'll have to check out the recipes but the author's understanding and communication of sous vide seems very limited.

And so it doesn't seem like I'm just saying that because I wrote a Sous Vide book too, I can highly recommend Baldwin's book and also the Sous Vide Supreme books. I'd turn to any of those before buying this one unless you are already very knowledgeable about sous vide.
Have only read through the amazon excerpt but the patent pending idea is certainly something that is repeated in a multitude of places, sure I recall someone talking about brownies on egullet. Presumably the patent would be difficult to come by for a freely shared idea?
And 20-30mins in the freezer would be lucky to get much below freezing
Your freezer at home probably won't get cold enough to kill the parasites, either. Sounds like the book is kind of sketchy.

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