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Hi all!

I am cooking a porchetta sous-vide at 140F for 2.5 days. It had been about 20 hours into cooking when I checked on my porchetta, and there was air in the bag. I lifted the porchetta to see what was going on, and the other end of the bag suddenly opened up and the liquids inside the bag came out into the water bath. So I removed the porchetta, put it in an ice bath so I could handle it, cleaned everything, sealed it back up (double bagged this time!) and it is once again in the water bath.

A few questions. Is air in the bag OK? I am not sure why there was air in there, but I have read that it is sometimes caused by bacteria that stay alive at temps above 140F like lactobacillus. Is it possible that the air caused the seal on the one end of the bag to pop open?

More importantly, is the meat OK and safe to eat?

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