Sous Vide eggs in 'eggies'

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Earlier I mentioned I was going to try eggs in the 'as seen on tv eggies'. Last night I got around to trying it.
I put two large separated eggs into four 'eggies'. The yolks were put into the water bath @146 F. The whites into a sauce pan and boiled just like regular eggs, for four minutes. I didn't pull them at three minutes because they looked a little too runny for my taste.
I then transferred the whites in their eggie to the water bath to hold until the yolks were done - 1 hour,15 minutes.

What I learned:
the yolk is too light to properly ballast the eggie, it wants to turn over. Put two or more yolks in an eggie.

The whites were heavy enough to float properly.

I want the yolk done a little more for my taste but they were excellent on toast.

Like I have found with other sous vide trials, try it, tweak it till you like it better.


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Thanks for sharing GeneK, sounds like good progress!

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