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This weekend I made a 9 course meal for 4 people. Several items were cooked Sous Vide (SV).

Here is some background on how I found myself cooking SV. I first got interested in SV after seeing the PolyScience Immersion Circulator in Williams Sonoma but the price took me by surprise. I read up on SV and decided to use my counter top roaster converted to a water bath to cook a strip steak. I was able to hold the temp ok by standing over it and stirring the water. The results were just ok and so I decided to give it up.

Then I ate at a restaurant that was using SV and it was quite good. Another meal at a different restaurant that was prepared SV sealed the deal. I looked into building my own but extra shifts at work put that on hold. After working the extra shifts I found myself at the mall with some extra money and I was drawn into WS and got the PolyScience IC. It came with a large plastic tub and I bought a second tub that is about 1/3 to 1/2 the size at a restaurant supply store.

After fooling around with a FoodSaver style vac sealer I talked my wife into a VacMaster VP215 chamber style machine by explaining that overt time we would save money by buying in bulk at Sam's.

Now on to the meal:

I did not sit down to eat but did taste everything before I served it.

1-Truffle Custard, not SV but very tasty

2-Arugula and Baby Spinach salad

3-"Far From Tartar" this was beef short ribs that I cooked SV for 48 hrs then pulled from the bones and seasoned with S&P, tabasco, capers and Dijon mustard

4-Butter Poached Lobster with Saffron Cream Sauce, Lobster was done SV

5-Duck Breast with Fennel and Parsnip Puree, Duck and Fennel were both done SV

6-Pork Tenderloin with Spiced Apples and Bacon Dust, Pork and Apples were done SV

7-Watermelon "Sashimi", done SV

8-Beef Tenderloin with Turnip Puree and a Carrot, beef and carrot dane SV

9- Strawberries and Creme Anglaise, strawberries and creme were both done SV

I cooked most things ahead and after chilling in an ice water bath put them in the fridge overnight. Then about 30 min prior to dinner I put them in the water bath at about 129 degrees.

They were all small portions and all dishes came back empty!

It took a lot to do from shopping (over 100 miles of driving to get what I wanted), to making a plan for when each step had to be done. In the end it was well worth it. I am not sure what I liked more, the way the dishes tasted or watching my guests enjoy the meal.

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Wow, I need to be your friend! Sounds like a great meal. How did you make the bacon dust?

And what time / temp did you do the watermelon at? We're starting to get watermelons at the markets around here and am looking for some different ways to prepare it.

Thanks for sharing everything!
I cooked the pork tenderloin in bacon fat. Since i did not have any bacon fat I cooked several pieces of bacon to get the fat. I decided to use the bacon in the dish so I put it in my spice grinder and turned it into dust. It added a great level of flavor and texture to the dish.

I did not cook the watermelon. I got a seedless melon and cut it into a block that looks like a block of tuna that a sushi chef would use to make sashimi. I salted the melon and put it in the bag with some lime juice. I vacuumed it and put it in the fridge over night. It was a palate cleanser before the beef course. It was quite refreshing and with vacuum packing it looked a lot like tuna.

That is one great thing about the chamber machines it allows you to use liquids, like the lime juice for the watermelon and cooking the Creme Anglaise.

I love the idea of using the bacon as powder, that's definitely something I'll have to try!
You can make bacon powder by mixing the bacon fat with tapioca maltodextrin.
Oh, BTW- I wish my friends would throw a nine course sv dinner party and invite me!

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