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It occurs to me that an ideal bath container for sous vide is to use the ceramic pot from a slow cooker with an immersion circulator. The ceramic pot avoids the concern for toxins leaching from polycarbonate containers. Its thickness slows heat loss, conserving energy and yielding a consistent bath temperature. And they're inexpensive to obtain. People talk about using a slow cooker as a sous vide machine, but I never see anyone extolling the virtue of using just the pot. Any discussion?

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I think a ceramic pot would work pretty well. The dutch oven Le Creuset type would probably also work pretty good. The benefit the polycarbonate has is that it is deeper than most crock pots, making it easier to add more food to it.
I am new to SV cooking and I have found good reviews on some SV equipment that might also help you as it did me.

This is also the same website that provided information on using ziploc bags and your kitchen sink as your SV bath. Lots of good information I got there. You might want to check that out. :-)
I use a small cooler that I bought at Walmart for less then $10.
I cut a corner out of the lid to accommodate the emersion heater. The fact it is insulated conserves energy and helps maintain an even temp.

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