Beef Tendons (chinese/vietnamese braised style)

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Does anyone know how to get the same gelatinous, squishy soft texture out of beef tendon as found in braised dishes? I tried 176F for 8 hours but they were still pretty chewy, and I'm wondering if I should let them go more like 12 hours at the same temp like when I do a pork shoulder, or if I should use a lower temp and get into the 24-48 hour range.


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Hi Michael! Collagen begins to melt at 160F, but 176F isn't really too hot for tendon. The problem is that 8 hours isn't long enough. We would probably recommend lowering the temp to 165F and going for 36 to 48 hours or even 72, like you would a beef short rib. Hope this helps!
Thanks a lot, I'll try again!

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