Butterflied leg of lamb cooked sous vide

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We had relatives over for leg of lamb. We love it.....they tolerate it. He came armed with a jar of mint jelly to cover the flavor.

I plugged the lamb with garlic, dusted with salt pepper and oregano and cooked at 130 of 24 hours. I used the cooking juices to make gravy.

To finish, I used a hot grill, one minute per side. The roast was very pink and I was concerned about gaminess. Oh my, what a result! Hands down the best lamb I have ever eaten. He took the first bite and said " this doesn't taste like lamb". The mint jelly sat unused. She said "where can I buy one of those things"? There were no leftovers from a two and a half pound piece of meat.

In summary, if you like lamb, sous vide it and dare to go rare. If you don't like lamb try it again

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I've often heard that you shouldn't use fresh garlic with Sous Vide as the long cooking times can make it taste rancid, but I do love garlic with my lamb! Did you find this effect at all? I've so far kept it at dried or powdered garlic.
Didn't get a bitter taste but, even though I used a lot of garlic, the flavor of garlic was not intense. If you want the garlic to stand out, powder might be a better choice.


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