Can you sous vide chopped chicken livers?

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Sous vide cooking does interesting things to meat textures,making them good candidates for things like pâtè. So.....

I cooked one pound of fresh chicken livers and one pound of bacon for three hours at 175 F. After sous viding the bacon I sauteed it to render some of the fat and give it a bit of caramalization. I did the same to the chicken livers adding a little olive oil. Finally I fried a pound of onions until well browned. I put everything into a food processor with salt/pepper and a fist full of capers.

Chill for several hours.

This is very very very good. It is not health food.

My son-in-law, a frequent visitor to Germany, says it better than any leberwurst he has tasted abroad.

note: Bacon changes dramatically with sous vide, particulary the becomes more "meatlike", for lack of a better word. I think this adds positively to the taste and consistency of the pâtè.

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I forgot to mention, I cooked the bacon and livers in separate bags in order to have thin packages for the sous vide bath.
Wow Carl, that sounds really good. My mother-in-law loves liver pates so I might have to try this sous vide pate version on her! What did you end up serving it with once it was chilled?

Thanks for sharing!

First serving was for appetizers at cocktail hour on "Triscuit"crackers. After that, our house guests finished it off the next day on sandwiches, crackers and in spoonfuls by itself. This is a rustic pâtè.

By the way, I pureed some of the leftover cows tongue from an earlier sous vide effort, adding some olive oil and fresh chopped tarragon, salt and pepper. The product was incredibly creamy and had a lovely flavor. The cooked tongue was uncharacteristically tender, probably a bit over done.
I enjoyed this recipe, my wife not so much. She didn't like so much bacon flavour. Maybe it was the bacon. Anyway, I'll try it again with half the bacon and see how we go.

Thanks for the recipe, Carl

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