Flank steak sous vide: dry rub or marinade?

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Made some 12 hour flank steak last weekend. The meat was great, but could have used some seasoning. I have some concerns about using traditional marinade for 12 hour cooking, as I'm not sure how it will overwhelm the meat.

So my options are:
1) dry rub
2) marinate, then remove from marinade and cook.
3) marinate, and then dry rub.
4) cook in a liquid marinade.


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I've done 1,2, and 3 but never 4 for longer cooked sous vide items. I had concerns about the marinade overwhelming them as well. Using a dry rub works great and adds a lot of flavor to the sous vide flank steak. If you like the crust to stay strong though I'd reserve some of the rub to add after sous viding but before searing. Otherwise the flavor really gets absorbed into the meat.

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